Do you want to start a journey towards more agility in your organization? With this quick-check you will easily find the right starting points and perspectives to look at.

This little assessment is based on our holistic model for agility. It is about the actual status regarding agility along the seven core elements of future-fit organizations:

  • strong purpose
  • agile structures
  • agile steering
  • living ambidexterity
  • focus on people management
  • agile ways of working
  • agile leadership

In order to start quickly, there are just a handful of questions to every element. You can work on them on your own. Even better, the assessment questions are used as an impulse for exchanging perspectives with others interested in the topic. It’s worth taking a few minutes to go through them (see Agility assessment below).

How to proceed

Looking at your organization from these various perspectives will provide you with a basis. Maybe you have identified a few clear starting points; then you can feel pretty happy now. Don’t feel too discouraged if everything looks a little disorienting. There are still some things you can do. Take time for a reflection for yourself, ideally followed by sharing pictures and reflection in the group. What insights did you gain? Which strengths and resources can you build on? Where do you see need for improvement? What could concrete actions or next steps for development be? Feeling a little inspired right now? Congratulations, you have achieved a lot.

Agility assessment: How future-fit is your organization?

Now you have already started a transformation journey for your organization. Find out more about steering the transformation in the article Change to More Agility or contact us for more information.

Image: Mario Kovac, source: 123RF