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Austrian Airlines

Rediscovering the Austrian Airlines Identity

The challenge

Austrian Airlines had experienced difficult times in recent years, characterized by restructuring and cost-cutting programs as well as a tough competitive situation at the airport Vienna. This contributed to the feeling of a lack of self-confidence and an inability to clearly define what Austrian Airlines stands for and what its identity is. Externally this expressed itself in an unclear positioning and a brand that had lost it’s a bit of its appeal.

Our approach

  • Exploring Austrian Identity and Culture, identifying common patterns
  • Developing common values and a self-understanding for Austrian
  • Launch of initiatives tackling Hot Issues for future development
  • Values transfer workshops with all departments

The results

  • Strong engagement and mobilization of the whole organization
  • Values and self-understanding that provide meaning and enjoy a high level of commitment
  • Implementation of values across the organization (e.g. onboarding process, cabin trainings, performance reviews)
  • Improved employee survey data indicating an increase in overall satisfaction


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