Within the ICG we walk the talk. Over the past two decades, we have developed into an agile organization. Today we are happy to share first-hand experiences.

Aspects of Our More Agile Setup

Getting to know ICG, the difference is clearly palpable. We truly believe in the uniqueness of people and the potential of human beings. We are based on a strong learning mindset and deeply ingrained values like honesty and respect. We believe in partnering at eye level both within ICG and in collaboration with our clients. And yes, we trust in the power of shared leadership. People take responsibility for management processes and care for developing the next generation of the ICG structure. Living accountability and contribution to our common purpose is one of the key responsibilities for high appreciation within our group. All of this combined makes for our unique culture.

»We co-develop organizations to be more responsive, innovative and meaningful, enabling people to live up to their full potential.« Our purpose is embedded in the DNA of being »Your Partner in Change.« Some years ago, we ran a groupwide process to find our mission and define what we want to bring to the world. Each ICG country specifies its own local team purpose while keeping our common goal in mind.

In co-creation we design tailor-made change processes with positive energy. Our approach is based on three pillars: Integrating hard and soft skills, focusing on practical action and building authentic partnerships.

ICG is a group of self-organized regional companies linked to each other by mutual shareholding. Our values and consultancy approach form a shared principle about how we run the business and common strategic developments. Within these principles, local and cross-border teams act with strong entrepreneurial spirit based on customer needs and local ambitions. The self-organized country teams are free to run different economic business models and organizational setups.

Our group consists of many self-organized circles. Our cross-border knowledge circles, a marketing and a people development circle, a group management circle for overall processes, a sales sparks circle and temporary project-based circles are good examples. Decisions are made within the circles by representatives of involved countries and the group management circle.

Strategies – typically not an easy part for a consulting company – are developed by a permanent strategizing process within a group of around 20 ICG partners. They meet twice a year for workshops and development activities. The rest of the time teams work on committed strategic hot issues.

Based on our approach, we are able to attract the right strategic partners and integrate new teams with specific niche competences into our group. We aim for qualitative growth in order to fulfill customer needs in the current VUCA world.

We are a learning community. During our bi-yearly group learning days, about 120 consultants spend three days exchanging practices, learning new methods and running case-work. Every two to three years, we organize an eight-day learning journey for all of our people – the last destinations were India, Silicon Valley and China. Africa is one of the favorites for the near future.

Everyone at ICG has full transparency about knowledge, commercial figures and ICG strategies. Team spirit is one of the key features of ICG culture. Wherever you need help in your project from someone, you can be sure that you are supported with pleasure.

Teams for group and local management circles are elected periodically. They are accountable to contribute their best to our overall goals and development needs. Partners can deliberately become part of group-wide strategy teams and shape the future of the group. Becoming an ICG partner is primarily based on personal ambitions and cultural fit and therefore open to all who want to shape the ICG group.

We count on many of the typical agile working methods for our own work. Kanban is often used to steer working processes in teams. Design Thinking helps us to shape developments like our own consultancy academy. Work in our back offices is fully self-organized.

In many countries, we have implemented office spaces to support agile working methods. We all benefit from the new atmosphere with flexible desk sharing, workshop areas, quiet spaces for conceptual work and communication spaces. This environment helps create an attractive physical home base for consultants who spend most of their time at client locations.

Are you interested in learning more about ICG and opportunities for collaboration in a unique organization?
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