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Waagner Biro Stage Systems

Strategy development and implementation at Waagner Biro Stage Systems since 2018

The challenge

Waagner Biro Stage System, which is highly successful worldwide, implements complex stage technology solutions in the world’s most famous theatres and opera houses. The core of the business model is professional project management, the development of a unique stage control system and a well-functioning service business. In 2018, the company was looking for a long-term consulting partner to support the continuous development and implementation of its strategy, who could contribute a pragmatic, tried-and-tested approach and technical understanding.

Our approach

  • The strategy development was carried out over the course of a year with a selected group of managers
  • ICG is responsible for the design and implementation of the entire process, the selection of suitable strategy methods, the moderation of virtual and physical meetings, the collection of work results and the overall documentation
  • In addition, ICG has supported the implementation of the strategy from the outset, both at management and employee level

The results

  • A comprehensible strategy that is optimally tailored to the company and has the highest level of approval from the advisory board.
  • Employees from different departments who can contribute to the implementation of the strategic thrusts
  • Simple key messages for the organization that make the planned transformation in the business model understandable.

Our consultant

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