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Change Management

Consulting is our passion.

A few secrets behind Google’s innovation success

Google has been many times ranked among the most innovative companies in the world. But what is a secret recipe behind their innovation success?


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Ashoka and life changing entrepreneurs

Today we met two amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs: Chris Ategeka and Tomas Alvarez, who are changing the lives of many people through their work. With their stories they definitely touched our hearts.


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Commitment despite multiple job changes?

Long life employment is a model of the past. On one hand companies all over the world are reducing more and more their core staff and increase cooperation with freelancers, consultants, etc. On the other hand people themselves are changing employers much faster. In Silicon Valley the average software engineer stays for 18 months with one company – a software engineer in Europe sticks to a company for up to 10 years. But even in Europe this number will drop.


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Let’s vote – IDEO style

Election – probably one of the most emotionally charged words right now in the United States as well as in Austria. But not just the question of who it is going to be is overlapping in both countries. The question of how we are going to vote is a topic of conversation as well.


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The internet of things and the digital vortex

While Google is providing the soft side of internet, at CISCO you find the back bone of it: the hard things that stand behind our apps and search engines. Apart from this, nowadays CISCO has a new mission: to be at the forefront of the Internet of Things.


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